CountryTime Lemonade to defend kids' lemonade stands
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Did you have a lemonade stand as a kid? Did you have a permit? These days, not having a permit could get you busted.

This very thing happened recently in Denver. The police showed up and shut down a lemonade stand that was being run by two young boys aged six and four. Even worse, the money they were raising was for charity. But it didn’t matter. The police shut it down, saying they needed a permit.

“I want to teach my kids about being an entrepreneur and having your own business. My 6-year-old got his little toy cash register out that he got when he was about two or three and he was learning how to interact with customers and about customer service,” said Jennifer Knowles, the mother of the children involved.

The city has since stated that a permit was not needed. However, the legal kerfuffle was enough to attract the attention of CountryTime Lemonade.

Legal-Ade for Lemonade

As a result, CountryTime has set up a legal defense fund for lemonade stand owners. They will cover permits and/or fine up to $300 for your lemonade stand. They even have a website where you can register for representation: CountryTimeLegal-Ade.



While it may just be a clever marketing stunt on one hand, there are some serious issue underlying this whole incident. Having a lemonade stand can help children learn and develop valuable life skills. They learn the value of a good work ethic, about entrepreneurship, and  customer service. And of course, they learn about basic math skills such as adding and subtracting and counting change.

These are the kids that we want to be the next generation of foodservice entrepreneurs so kudos to CountryTime for supporting them.

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  1. Dan David

    I actually like the idea of requiring permits, at no cost of course, as it will also teach the young entrepreneurs to deal with permitting process and government agencies, which we all know is a huge part of running a business.

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