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Google has announced that it will allow restaurant owners who use the Google My Business service to edit their own menu listing. This is huge for restaurants that update their menus frequently or feature things like seasonal specials.

Local business searches via Google for things like restaurants have continued to rise over the last several years. For many businesses, organic search referrals (i.e., those that you do not pay for) are the top traffic source for their websites. Having an accurate and updated menu as part of these listings is essential in providing a good customer experience. Restaurateurs have been frustrated by the lack of ability to edit a menu that may have been captured by Google months ago and is now out of date. This update addresses this issue by allowing owners to make the required edits.

Users now will be able to add or edit menu items, including the item’s title, description and price. In addition, the new editor will allow users to create multiple sections for their menu to showcase categories like Appetizers or Desserts.

The feature is only available in English currently and is not available to businesses who use third-party menu providers.

All in all, it’s a great step forward for allowing restaurants to present up-to-date information to their customers.

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