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What type of knife would you use to fillet a fish? Is there an ideal knife for slicing tomatoes? How about shucking oysters? Our professional knife type quiz will test your knowledge on which cutlery you need for the right job in the restaurant. Think you can ace it? Need some help? Study our Professional […]


There are many factors involved in choosing professional cutlery for a commercial kitchen. Do you know which knives you should have for each cutting task? Are you familiar with blade edge types? How do knife handles impact chef hands over time? This guide is all you need for your next cutlery purchase at Wasserstrom. Choose […]

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Avoid spreading bacteria such as E. coli with this quick, handy guide to color-coded knives. Don’t forget matching cutting boards! Red Raw Meats Blue Raw Fish, Seafood Yellow Raw Poultry, Chicken White Dairy, Cheese Green Produce, Vegetables, Fruit Tan Cooked Meat Purple Allergen Shop Color-Coded Knives and Cutting Boards >

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