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New beer styles and glassware are hitting their stride and we are here for it! These are the trending brews propelling the craft beer industry forward into 2022. Hard Seltzer Our first beer trend isn’t beer at all, it’s seltzer! However, breweries are jumping on the hard seltzer train with unique flavors that are attracting […]


The New Normal: Part of a new series of articles focused on restaurant recovery; issues, best practices, and process changes that will become part of everyday business going forward. Like most of the country, our home state of Ohio is under a stay-at-home order that has severely impacted the restaurant industry. As restaurants struggle to […]

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Don’t serve that pilsner in a snifter glass! There’s a science to pouring, nosing, drinking, and appreciating beer. With craft breweries popping up in every nook and cranny (maybe you’re one of them!), your customers expect the correct glass to complement their brew of choice. Let’s cover the basics. Pint Glass Stouts, Porters, Ales Featuring […]

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UPDATE 1-8-19: Good news for residents of Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, and our own home state of Ohio. Pizza Hut has expanded their pilot program again to include these new states and will bring the total store count up to 300 restaurants by mid-January. The company hopes to expand this to 1000 stores by this […]

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