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Been following our “New Normal” series? Take this quiz to see if you’re up to speed on your COVID-19 knowledge & tips for the restaurant industry.

There are a number of other reasons to change your disposable gloves, like:

Reopening your restaurant now may require additional restrictions/rules in place, including which of these safety measures?

Which is NOT a touchless invention that can be bought and used in your restaurant today?

What tool is an effective and inexpensive method to help prevent the tampering of food being delivered to the customer?

Restaurant menus can contain 100 times more bacteria than…

In its revised Food Code 2017, the FDA states: “Employees are preventing cross-contamination of ready-to-eat-food with bare hands by properly using suitable utensils such as…

Which should NOT be used when trying to enforce new social distancing guidelines in your restaurant?

Medical grade N95 respirator masks are probably overkill for restaurant workers

What minimum temperature does your dishwasher need to reach to kill Coronavirus?

It’s acceptable to wear a disposable mask upside down and/or inside out

Common mistakes made when reopening restaurants include:

If one of your employees is diagnosed with COVID-19, all the other employees that worked with the infected individual will be expected to self-quarantine for how many days?

People are still in need of catering, even during the pandemic, so what is a modification that can be made to keep catering safe?

What is something you should do if a restaurant worker tests positive for Covid-19?

Disinfectant Fogger/Misters are easy to use and can cover a classroom in no time

The virus was undetectable on which surface after just 4 hours?

Which of these is NOT a specific tactic for new safety cues at a dine-in restaurant?

How would a restaurant define “deep cleaning?"

It’s important to deep clean the following:

Correct! Wrong!

Experts agree that a common symptom of COVID 19 is:

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