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As travel trends evolve, the “staycation” phenomenon presents a unique opportunity for hotels to tap into a growing market of local vacationers seeking a change of scenery closer to home. By understanding the motivations and preferences of staycationers, hotels can tailor their offerings to attract this lucrative demographic. Here, we explore several strategies that can turn your hotel into a magnet for local getaways.

Cater to Experience-Driven Staycationers

Offer a staycation complete with experiences.

Our first strategy is to move beyond the standard room and amenities. For instance, partner with local businesses and organizations to curate unique experiences that showcase your area’s hidden gems. This allows you to offer exclusive access to cultural elements like historical tours, behind-the-scenes workshops with artisans, or collaborations with local chefs for private cooking classes. You can also develop themed staycation packages around local festivals, sporting events, or cultural celebrations.

Cultivate Micro-Adventures

Offer staycationers microadventures.

More and more, adults are recognizing the importance of incorporating micro-adventures into their everyday lives to feed their inner child and slow down the perception of time. Micro-adventures are short, immersive experiences that take you out of the day-to-day grind. Consider developing themed micro-adventures that can be completed within a few hours, like a scavenger hunt through local landmarks, a guided nature hike with local experts, or a photography tour capturing the city’s hidden street art. Offer these as add-on options to encourage exploration beyond the hotel walls.

Develop a Staycation-Themed Beverage Program

Purple drinks served to staycationers on a wooden board.

Ease your staycationers into vacation mode with a curated list of beverages related to their visit.  For instance, enhance the mood by kicking off their visit with drink names such as Staycation Sipper, The Lobby Lizard, or Suite Escape for dessert-themed cocktails. Other beverage name examples include the Do Not Disturb or Suite Dreams for nightcaps or fun names like the Bubble Bath for frothy beverages that sparkle. Another out-of-the-box idea is to add cocktail-making kits to your staycationer’s room with simple drinks like the Minibar Martini. There is no limit to your mixologist’s creativity or the fun they will have while curating a staycationer menu.   

Become a Wellness Sanctuary

A spa staycation.

Oftentimes, people seek a staycation to recenter themselves and shake off the stress of everyday life. Hotels can tap into the growing demand for physical and mental well-being by, for instance, partnering with a local yoga studio to offer exclusive sessions in your hotel’s conference space, rooftop, or outdoor area. Similarly, you can collaborate with spas to provide curated wellness packages. We also recommend offering mindfulness workshops, reiki, or meditation sessions led by experts in your area.

Offer “Workcations” With a Twist

A woman works next to a pool for her staycation or workcation.

This strategy rests on catering to the growing number of remote workers seeking a change of scenery. To entice them for a visit, design dedicated workspaces with ergonomic furniture, high-speed internet, and access to printing facilities. Then, include access to wellness facilities and social events to foster a healthy work-life balance.

Cultivate a Community Hub

Staycationers have the opportunity to build a deeper relationship with their community.

Going beyond the traditional hotel lobby, consider creating a welcoming space that encourages interaction between guests and other locals. Host karaoke nights, art exhibitions, or live music performances featuring local talent. You can also offer workshops or educational talks on topics relevant to the area’s history or culture by partnering with local community organizations. Offering welcome gifts with locally sourced products and providing curated maps of hidden gems also offers a chance for your staycationer to develop a deeper connection to their community.

Staycation, All I’ve Ever Wanted

Two people enjoy their staycation time in a spa.

By adopting these strategies and tailoring them to their unique offerings and local context, hotels can effectively attract staycationers in a competitive market. By understanding the evolving desires of local travelers and creating experiences that go beyond the ordinary, hotels can position themselves as the go-to destination for a memorable and enriching local getaway with many happy returns.

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