Taylor Precision 5978N 100 - 400°F Candy / Deep Fry Thermometer

Taylor Precision 5978N 100 - 400°F Candy / Deep Fry Thermometer

Item #: 113405
Model #: 5978N
Manufacturer: Taylor Precision Products

Use this thermometer when making your own candy or using the deep fryer to ensure it is at the correct temperature.


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Use this thermometer when making your own candy or using the deep fryer to ensure it is at the correct temperature.
  • Model #: 5978N
  • Easy‐to‐read face
  • Temperature Range: 100°F to 400°F and 50°C to 200°C
  • Non‐mercury filled glass tube with adjustable pan clip and safety cap
  • Protective storage sleeve is printed with a convenient cooking chart


Shop for meat thermometers, dial thermometers, grill thermometers, pocket thermometers, wall thermometers and thermocouples from Taylor Precision Products. They have been manufacturing accurate temperature monitoring products for the restaurant industry since 1851.


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Q & A

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By: TJ
From: San Antonio, Tx
Date: May 19, 2011
Is the metal tip on this thermometer inside the glass?

The metal on this thermometer is on the outside of the glass.
By: amazing lady
From: Princess Anne, MD
Date: Jan 03, 2013
What color is the "mercury" in the thermometer.

Hi. The liquid inside this candy thermometer is the color blue. Thanks!
By: donald allen /
From: Kentucky
Date: Dec 27, 2019
i need one made before 2003 where can i buy it

Hi, we do not have this item made before 2003. You may want to contact the manufacturer to check if this item made before 2003 is available. Taylor can be contacted at 1-866-843-3905 or at taylorusa@lifetimebrands.com. Thank you.
By: Judith
From: liberty lake WA
Date: Dec 28, 2020
Is this product available in the Spokane Valley store?

We currently do not have a location in Spokane Valley but it can be purchased online on our website. Thank you.


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By: nhovik
From: fuengirola, spain
Date: Dec 23, 2011

i use it as a candy term instead of as a fry therm, it is a good design however i found the glass too delicate, after making soft ball candy if you set it down to work, without washing it right away, the glass and the candy just stick, picking it up the thin thin glass broke. would not reorder.

Primary Use: Personal/Home
By: Longtime Austin Gal
From: Austin, TX
Date: Feb 19, 2012

I purchased two of these to supplement my Taylor candy thermometer I purchased in 1985 and which still works great today. The design of these sold here is different, with the addition of the yellow ball on top of the clip and the plastic yellow cap at the top of the unit. The markings on this one here are harder to read than my old one, and when I washed the thermometer, water leaked into the glass tubing. This was very evident by the moisture condensation that develops within minutes of washing drying it. The only thing I can think of as to why it leaks water into the thermometer is that with the addition of the yellow plastic 'cap' on the top end, the glass tube is flat on that end, unlike my old thermometer which is one whole piece of glass and has no cap on the top end, but rather is rounded on the top (no seam). I was thrilled to see this type of Taylor candy thermometer still available, which is why I purchase two of them. However, due to the fact that the design allows water to enter the thermometer upon washing, I would NOT recommend this product to other purchasers. Taylor, a long-time thermometer maker, needs to address this issue. As I wrote previously, the candy thermometer that I purchased in 1985 STILL works great today (calibration seems to be right on) and there is no way for water to leak into the unit due to the glass being one solid piece with no seams. I will definitely continue to handle my old one with extreme care!

Primary Use: Personal/Home
By: dedman
From: Columbus, OH
Date: Aug 08, 2013

Used this thermometer to deep fry Boston Cream Donuts. It worked great, easy to read, the clip was sturdy yet easy to remove from the pan. Great value for your money!

Primary Use: Personal/Home


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