FMP® 226-1003 S/S 28" Fryer Cleanout / Declogger Goofer Rod

FMP® 226-1003 S/S 28" Fryer Cleanout / Declogger Goofer Rod

Item #: 398830
Model #: 226-1003
Manufacturer: Franklin Machine Products

This fryer cleanout-declogger goofer rod works with a variety of fryers.


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This fryer cleanout-declogger goofer rod works with a variety of fryers.
  • Model #: 226-1003
  • Length: 28"
  • Stainless steel
  • Weight: .498 lbs
Equivalent to Parts #:
  • Frymaster Parts: 803-0047 and 803-0197
  • Imperial Part: 28087
  • Keating Parts: P35560L and 4622
  • Pitco Part: A3301001
  • Vulcan-Hart Part: 409300-5
Fits Models:
  • Frymaster Models: BIH Series, BIHP Series, BIRE14, CFD Series, D20, D50, D60, D80, EH1721, FH150, FMCFE, FM35, FM47, FPD65, FPHD Series, FPH Series, FPPH Series, GF14, GF40, HD150, HD260, H14 Series, H17 Series, H22 Series, H50, H55, JBIH252, JCFX, J3F, J65X, KFC18E, MH Series, MJC Series, MJH Series, MJ Series, MPH Series, MRE14, PH155CSD, PMJ35, PRO Series, SCFD Series, SCFH Series, SM Series, SR Series, TC25, WFP347ECSE, 18EU, 2836 w/o Float Switch
  • Frymaster Fryer Models: FM345 with under fryer filter machine, FPH317CSD, FPRE217SD, GF14, GF40, MJCF, MJCFE, MJCFESD, MJH350CSD, MJH50CSD, MJ345E, MJ45E
  • Imperial Models: IF, IF-BL Series, IF-25, IF-75, IFS-40, IFS-50, IRFS-40, IRFS-50
  • Imperial Fryer Models: IFS-25, IFS-40, IFST-25
  • Imperial Fryer Filter System Model: IFSSP-250C
  • Pitco Models: E12, E14 Series, E18 Series, E400 Series, E500D, E7, E7B, MEII, ME2, SE Series, SFSE Series, SGC, SGH50, SGM Series, SGSEBNB-14, SGSEBNB-18, SG1 Series, SSH Series, 35C+, 45C+, E14, E7, F14, F18 w/Built-in fry station and filter pump, PR14, SFSG14, SF14UFM with under fryer filter machine, SG Series, 12 Series, 14 Series, 18 Series, 7UFM, 14UFM, and 18UFM with under fryer filter machine, 2-SG14C-S/FD, 2-14S-C/UFM, 3-SG14S-C/FD, 3-14S-C/UFM, PG14 pasta cookers
  • Vulcan-Hart Models: GRC Series, GRD Series, GRS Series, GR Series, 1GR Series, 2GR Series, 3GR Series, TK45, TK45SS, 7892G9


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United States


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