Libbey 92170 33 Ounce Glass Bottle with Lid

Libbey 92170 33 Ounce Glass Bottle with Lid

Item #: 6066750
Model #: 92170
Manufacturer: Libbey

This 33 ounce Kinetix bottle from Libbey® features a wide mouth for ample room to create fruit or herb infusions and the large capacity helps reduce refill trips back to the table. Great for elevating your water presentation at the table!


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This 33 ounce Kinetix bottle from Libbey® features a wide mouth for ample room to create fruit or herb infusions and the large capacity helps reduce refill trips back to the table. Great for elevating your water presentation at the table!
  • Model #: 92170
  • Borosilicate glass for increased resistance to thermal shock
  • Airtight, dishwasher safe screw cap to retain carbonation and keep beverage fresh
  • Lid Construction: Stainless Steel outside, plastic inside
  • Top Diameter: 2.5"
  • Bottom Diameter: 3"


America's leading producer of foodservice glassware for 190 years. Glassware is the cornerstone of Libbey's rich history and the core of their business. Libbey glassware offers over 1,000 items designed specifically for the foodservice operator.

Warning Attention California Residents
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit For more information visit


Volume Capacity 
33 Ounces
Each Height 
10.13 Inches
Country Of Origin 
Each Width 
3 Inches
Size - Ounces 
Each Length 
3 Inches


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  • Item #: 6048923
    Model #: 92170
    Manufacturer: Libbey
    Sold As: Case of 12



    $233.76 List Price


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Q & A

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By: Tom
From: Virginia
Date: Jun 13, 2020
Where is this made?

Hi, this bottle is made in China. Thank you.
By: George the Patriot
From: Minneapolis
Date: Jul 13, 2020
Do you make any glassware in the US? I am no longer buying goods manufactured in China.

Many of the glassware manufacturers we carry have items that are made in both the United States and in other countries. If you have a question on a specific item, we will be happy to check with the manufacturer on where that particular item was made. Thank you.
By: The Decider
From: california
Date: Oct 13, 2020
Model #: 92170 - It appears it comes in a size smaller than the 33 oz. Can you tell me what oz size it is? Can you provide a sample and do you sell in bulk?

There was a 22 oz Kinetix bottle, but it is now obsolete. There are a few other similar bottles you might consider. Check out the 92138 Helio 28-3/4 ounce water bottle (Item 6031893), the 726 Hydration 24 ounce water bottle (Item 6008759), the 728 Swerve 22 ounce bottle (Item 6008757), or the 13151017 Water bottle (Item 6081549 or 220832).
By: Tony
From: nashville
Date: Oct 29, 2020
Is it a dishwasher safe?

Hello, yes, this product is dishwasher safe. Thank you!
By: John
From: San Jose, CA
Date: Nov 21, 2020
Is this suitable for keeping carbonated drinks fizzy?

This bottle has an airtight screw cap to retain carbonation and keep beverages fresh. Thank you.
By: Nathan B
From: St. Charles, MO
Date: Jan 03, 2021
What is the thread size of the bottle? I'm looking for a 53mm or 53/485 (I think)

This bottle has a wide mouth that is wider than 53mm. It is about 2.5" wide. Thank you.
By: Lynnette
From: Dayton Ohio
Date: Jan 07, 2021
The plastic in the lid, is it free of leeching chemicals?

Hello, yes, you should be safe from the plastic in the lid, since it won't have direct access to the contents inside the glass bottle. Please give us a call at 1-866-634-8927 if you would like help finding a different lid that could fit this item. Thank you!
By: Nico
From: California
Date: Feb 11, 2021
Hello, I'm wondering about the prop 65 warning about this product. The materials listed only say glass, but is the prop 65 warning concerning the plastic lid? Thank you

For the Libbey 92170 glass bottle, the lid is composed of a stainless steel casing with a polypropylene insert (with threading) and a silicone gasket. The Prop65 is for the stainless steel.
By: Steph the Chef
From: Chicago, IL
Date: Apr 08, 2021
When the bottle is empty, is it top heavy and likely to tip over? I ask because the glass looks quite thin and not bottom-heavy/reinforced with extra glass.

Hi, when the bottle is empty, it is not top heavy. Thank you.
By: Beardman41
From: Chatham VA
Date: May 19, 2021
Does it fit in most vehicle cup holders?

This glass bottle has a diameter of 2-1/2", so it would fit a cup holder of that size.


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