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By: christian
From: Sells, Az.
Oct 19, 2009

At this time I was not able to find the replacement part for the juicer.

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By: Jodi
From: Houston, TX
Jan 26, 2010

Although this produce is easy to use and produces lots of juice, I was very surprised and the low quality finish. There are jagged, rough edges all over the unit. The base and handle have a nice smooth finish but the rest is not. For the price, I was expecting something much nicer than this.

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By: AndyA8464
From: Austin,TX

Dec 06, 2011
I just purchased this product, but want to know what's the diameter of the juicing area? I bought this over the Olympus Juicer because someone who had the J210 said the Olympus was the same size so this one should be bigger. I can't wait to juice some grapefruits!

Hi. This manual juicer is the largest size that the manufacturer has, and it described as being suitable for grapefruits. So the juicing area is about the diameter of a grapefruit.
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