Chicago Metallic 45031 Glazed Aluminized Steel Bread Pan - 12 / CS

Item #: 758937
Model #: 45031
Manufacturer: Chicago Metallic Bakeware
This product is currently not available.

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  • Hazmat: No
  • Oversize: No
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Material: Aluminized Steel
  • Each Weight: 0.8

Since 1898, the Chicago Metallic name has been synonymous with innovative products, superior quality and exceptional service. Shop for a wide variety of durable pie pans, cake pans, muffin pans, bread pans, sheet pans, hamburger bun pans and more from Chicago Metallic!

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By: PaddyBreadBaker
From: Albuquerque NM
Jan 07, 2010

Chicago Metallic 45031 Glazed Aluminized Steel Bread Pan - 12 / CS
I've been searching for this size breadpan for quite awhile. I bake & give away lots of loaves, & I can give away three loaves instead of two per batch of bread dough. Three of these sized pans equal two of the 8 1/2" X 4 1/2" pans. The tiny pans are too skimpy for giving loaves to friends & clients. These pans are really sturdy: The wire around the lips of the pans & the sturdiness of the pans themselves show me that I won't be needing to replace them (due to warpage, etc.) for a very long time. [...]. I have already recommended your company to other serious bakers.

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By: PaddyBreadBaker
From: Albuquerque NM

Jan 11, 2010
I looked for this sized product for quite awhile, thanx for offering it...but, what the bleep does "aluminized steel, glazed" mean? I'm really looking for the definition for "glazed" doesn't mean "no-stick,"does it? Thanx again for your great customer service & product review has already been submitted, & y'all got great marks! I've already recommended your company to some serious bakers that I know already! Happy New Year! PM

"Glazed" is a silicone coating that helps the pan last longer, increases durability, reduces staining, and reduces the amount of oil used for bread pans.
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